RIP, my friend

Between heaven and hell, a thought is all it takes.

While I don’t feel comfortable mourning over the loss of a friend out in the open, perhaps this is my sanctuary (because no one here knows me), and a place where I can gather my thoughts without feeling like I’m putting my sorrows on a show.

Death is a cruel thing. It leaves us huge amount of helplessness, a scar, or a void, that you’d hope time will heal, or fill. But like murakami said, there are things, or history, that not even time can hide. It casted a shadow over what seemed to be a perfect end-of-summer day.

No one can predict death, unless you decide to put an end to life yourself. The decision of a colleague to take her own life not only makes me sad, not just because we’ll no longer see her in the office, but also sad because a person decided to give up on life without giving us any reasons. Not that there would ever be reasonable reasons for such an action.

Yet as much as we don’t like death, it’s a part of life.

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