Sir Richard Branson’s latest publicity stunt

Talk about publicity stunts by Sir Richard Branson. Got bored by him jumping off buildings and driving a tank down Fifth Avenue (bet you can’t do that now huh)? What about showing his ass and or his “stiff competition” in underpants? This man has done it all. Almost. Not quite?

Apparently he has dressed as an astronaut, Birdman, Zulu warrior, and… a bride. His latest stunt as an air hostess does seem to follow, naturally. A bit of a cosplay fan I suppose.

Cross-dressing as an air hostess might seem to be verging on sexism (hello… there are male flight attendants), but damn! You gotta give it to the man for his sexy (shaved) legs on those fishnet tights!!! Nice fake eyelashes and bloody red lipsticks too LOL! Oh, and let’s not forget his brilliant PR and marketing “strategy” – his sense of humor.


Here’s Sir Branson showing off his “stiff competition” under a Scottish kilt to promote Virgin’s expansion into Scotland

Sir Branson the astronaut to promote Virgin Galactic

Sir Branson the bride for a wedding bride venture – Virgin Brides

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