The meaning of things

Nothing means anything until you put a meaning on it.

Everything can mean nothing.

Nothing can mean everything.

What these things mean to a lot of people:

Money – necessity, a good life, handbags, apartments, cars, travel

Work – definition of who you are: I’m an architect, I’m a journalist, I’m a CEO, etc… A place where you always look up and try to climb up the ladder, for more money and power

Power – from work, from ruling others

Apartment – a place to own

Marriage – (in HK) an extravagant wedding, expensive rings

Wedding – (in HK) needs to be expensive to have face, people must pay to go

Kids – lives (to parents), must-have (to married couples)

What these things mean to me:

Money – food, rent, drinks, books, travel, a whole bunch of meaningless things that I don’t really need

Work – dictatorship, a place where I get money, where people gossip, where things happen without reasons, where nice guys finish last and psychopaths rule, where it’s not about how capable you are but who you know

Power – from within

Apartment – a place to live in

Marriage – a piece of paper, expensive rings

Wedding – (in HK) a show where you charge and people pay to watch, clothes changing a million times, 5 push up bras

Kids – cute small human beings that people are obsessed about, centre of gravity for parents’ lives to revolve on



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