Installing “Windows”

First I must confess I’m not a tech savvy girl, like most girls aren’t. So when I said I installed windows on my mac BY MYSELF, on a virtual machine THAT I INSTALLED, it’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Now, I have this friend who’s smart and funny most of the time, but she’d go into her “blonde moment” sometimes. Here’s what she said when I told her about my productive weekend.

A: Hey I had a pretty productive weekend.

J: Oh yeah? What did you do?

A: I installed windows on my mac! 😀

J: Really? How did you do that?

A: Well I installed a virtual machine and then installed Windows on it.

J: OH! I thought you were talking about physical windows!

A: (=_____=) Wha… how could I have installed REAL windows by myself?!

J: I dunno! Cos’ you’re a handy woman!

A: …… (trying not to LOL for real) J you’ve made my day!

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 12.21.43 AM


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